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I've drawn a line in the sand.

Pyrlogos will launch June 21, 2008.

What the launch looks like, and how often pages come out after that, depends on what I manage to get done between now and then. But I've been working without a constraining deadline for long enough - I don't think it works. There's too much room for me to procrastinate. I need a date that I can panic about and react to.

So I've got May to try to build the buffer up while Sora pokes at the CSS of the site (currently running the ComicPress theme for WordPress) and three weeks in June to iron out the kinks, put together some ad images and other promotional type stuff, and hopefully continue making comics. My production rate in May will determine the schedule I start with, and that plus the total number of comics I have ready as of the 21st will help determine what I launch with and how. (Options include something like the six-pages-at-once launch partiallyclips did for Erfworld, and a quieter launch of one page at a time where I wait to start promoting it until I've got a bit of the story up. We'll see what I can do.)
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