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Sunday afternoon, Sora and I drove down to Portland to spend the night at our friends' apartment. The social visit was nice, but that wasn't the primary reason we drove down.

Monday morning, I auditioned for Jeopardy for the second time.

The process was a bit different than last time. Last time I auditioned, in November 2005, I had submitted my name directly into their random selection process, and was very lucky to be picked as one of about 150 people to audition, from everyone who had applied to audition in Seattle. As a result, the 50-question test I took then was an elimination process - of the roughly 50 of us in the room when I was there, I was one of 10 to pass the test and do the mock game during the second part.

This time, the first part of the process was the online test. So at the actual audition, there were only 19 of us - all of whom had already passed the test. I was worried about having to pass another test to move on, but we were assured early on that we would all be getting put into the contestant files.

After some introductions by the audition staff, we watched a brief video featuring Alex and the "Clue Crew", discussing the basics of the audition process and exhorting us to have fun a number of times. In fact, we were asked afterwards: how many times did they tell us to have fun? After a couple of wrong answers, my answer of "Four" was accepted, and I won a copy of the Jeopardy DVD home game. (It looks like it should be useful in practicing...)

Next, we did a few questions as a group - clues would be read and we'd raise our hands to answer. It was mainly to get us comfortable with the format, I think.

After that, we took the test. 50 questions, just like the last test I took. Looked like it was photocopied off of the same answer sheet I used last time, too. There were several questions I wasn't quite sure about, but overall I think I did pretty well on the test. My impression is that it's just another data point for contestant selection.

After that came the mock game. Three of us at a time would go up and play a few questions with actual buzzers and such. I ended up being one of the last people to go up, but in the meanwhile I was "buzzing in" with the clicky-pens they gave us. (They actually had to tell us to stop clicking at one point. I don't think I was the only one.) But when I finally got up for the mock game, I think this is where I shone - when it was finally my turn to go up, I answered questions clearly and confidently (and loudly!) and had a lot of energy in general.

That was it for the audition, but I feel pretty confident. The other change since last time I auditioned was the eligibility period - I'm in their files for 18 months, now, instead of just a year.

The next step? Hopefully, I'll get called sometime before Oct 1, 2009. Until then, I wait.
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