Darth Paradox (darthparadox) wrote,
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Icons meme

From my beloved nightsinger. Comment and I'll give you four of your userpics to explain to me and the world. In your own journal, if you want to spread the meme - if you don't, you can just post responses here.

Genericon, 2002. I dressed as the guy whose spoon is too big, from the animated short Rejected. (See post icon for reference.) The top hat was - and is - my usual con attire, but also in this case a call-out to the Silly Hats Only segment of the same film. The spoon was seven feet tall and made of aluminum sheet metal (with a 1x2 plank inside the handle). I'd have thought getting it across the Canadian border (twice in each direction, going between Ann Arbor and upstate NY) would have been difficult, but the border guards apparently refused to acknowledge its very existence.

Cropped from a poster for Lost in Translation, with the movie's tagline added in. Vaguely philsophical-sounding, and Scarlett Johansson is pretty.

The grandfather from the webcomic Sheldon, swearing in creative ways after being put on hold by the cable company for 45 minutes. Even the duck is shocked.

Joker, from the anime Read or Die, which remains one of my favorites. It's a series about occasionally-superpowered secret agents from the black ops branch of the British Library - what's not to love?
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