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I just got the email: I've been called back for another Jeopardy audition!

This is a little different than last time. Last time I got an audition, I got my name picked out of a hat without any prior work, went to the audition, took the 50-question test, passed it there, and then auditioned with a mock game.

This time, I took the online test on January 31st, and so this audition will be made up of people that have already passed that test (and gotten their name picked out of the hat, too - but a much smaller hat). I don't yet know what the audition will entail - whether I'll have to take another test to make it to the mock game portion of the auditions, or whether I'm done with the testing portion. I hope it's the latter, though I'm reasonably confident about my testing chances given that I've gotten called back in two out of the three Jeopardy tests I've ever taken.

Anyway. The audition is at 11:30 on Monday, March 31st in Portland - I'll probably drive down on the evening of the 30th and stay with friends that night. I'll have more details soon.

In the meanwhile, Sora bought me a trivia book last time I passed an audition, and I never got a chance to look at it. I'm going to try to go through all one thousand questions over the next month, and we'll see how I do. I'll be keeping score for each of the book's section, to determine what areas I have to study more. I'll also be reviving my previous plan to read Wikipedia's featured article every day... and like last time, I will avoid listening to Weird Al's "I Lost On Jeopardy" for the next year, for superstitious reasons.

This should be interesting.
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