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The list, again

Further progress.
(The partial strikethroughs are like progress bars, if you didn't get that.)

*Scatterplot for 7/22
*Scatterplot for 7/24
*Scatterplot for 7/26
*Scatterplot for 7/29
*Darthalon for 7/27
*Darthalon for 7/28
*Completion of Otakon costume
*Meeting with my advisor (boss) for my job
*Work to show my advisor (programming, etc)
*Create and print Scatterplot flyers
*Pack for Otakon
*Get some room cleaning done
*Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Anyway, I'm really happy with the way my cloak is turning out. I just need to figure out the hood now.
And get accessories. I need a quality lightsaber (debating between Vader, Maul, or Dooku...), a way to hook it to my belt (which I've already figured out and just need to implement), and, umm...

Dammit. I had a list in my head.

Anyway, on to comicry.
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