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Bits and pieces and odds and ends

  • IKEA sells packs of 11-watt compact fluorescent lightbulbs for $5. I was under the impression they were expensive, but when we found those last week we did a quick mental count of the lights in our house and bought enough to replace most of the incandescent bulbs in the house. (At least those for which it was possible; you're not supposed to use fluorescent bulbs with dimmer switches, and the bulbs in the bathroom are of a different type.) So several of our lights' energy usage has been reduced by over 80% with no large difference in light quality - an 11-watt fluorescent bulb puts out roughly the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent - and we're feeling green at the moment. :D

  • After a hiatus of a few weeks I'm playing Guitar Hero 2 again, working on five-starring the Medium songs. I'm nearly done; a lot of these songs seem easier than the last time I played through them, but that's to be expected. I just upped my rating on "The Trooper" from 3 to 5 stars, and that's the hardest song I've 5-starred so far, though Psychobilly Freakout is looming large in the near future. (ETA: Just tried it. Got it up from 3 to 4 stars on my second try, but the toggling-notes sections are kicking my ass hard.)

  • In other 360 news, I've gotten very frustrated with Gears of War. I'm fighting RAAM at the moment, and I can't finish him off because my goddamned AI teammate keeps running off and getting himself killed. I'd be fine if he'd just hunker down somewhere and hide, but no, he'll die off in a corner, and I'll have to run and revive him, and then I'll die because I left my own cover. To say nothing of the cases when the Kryll come in and dismember one of us; that's an instant game-over because we're unrevivable. It feels like I'm unable to progress from here as a result, and I'm frustrated: the single-player campaign should not require the use of a second player just to override the crappy AI.

  • Also, Beautiful Katamari is awesome. I rolled up the black hole!

  • We seem to have chosen venues for the wedding. We haven't nailed anything down yet, but we've got a pretty decent idea... We should be announcing a date soon.

  • I'm officially writing Pyrlogos now. I'm have the major story arc scripted out for each character for whom it is important, and I plan to start writing actual scenes either tonight or tomorrow. (For those of you who saw the earlier attempt, the input from that editing session has proven useful; I'm reevaluating both my ideas about story structure and my art style.)

  • After a recommendation from seorin and iris_of_ether, we picked up a bottle of peach lambic at the local specialty beer and wine store. We also got some raspberry lambic, which we just tried and don't like as much (it's a bit more beery than the peach), and a bottle of Moscato d'Asti, a white dessert wine that I've been looking for forever. More on that one later; the first time I had it, it tasted like candy, and I'm looking forward to trying it again.
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