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I present to you Morpheus and Thanatos:

Morpheus is the grey one, and Thanatos is the black one.

They're brothers, born on Friday, April 13th, 2007. Yes, we actually own a black cat born on Friday the 13th, and we basically named him "Death". Good thing we're not superstitious, huh?

Morpheus, stalking a speck of something on the carpet. Or exploring his new home.

Thanatos inspecting the bathroom. He's still treading carefully since it's his first few hours home.

Thanatos and Morpheus, playing a game of tag around the trashcan in the bathroom.

After some errands (picking up needed kitty supplies, etc), we arrived at the MEOW adoption center in Kirkland and submitted our adoption application (which included previous cat-ownership history and a personality test to best match us to cats). We then looked around for a while, and discussed our plans with one of the workers. We decided to aim for a pair of kittens that could keep each other entertained, and chose a couple kittens to bring into the meeting room (separate rooms where you can hold the cats and make sure they don't escape) first. We absolutely adored the first pair of kittens we met. The next two pairs didn't seem terribly interested in us, and the last pair was incredibly playful... so we had a hard choice. But when we brought the first pair of kittens out again, they just curled up on our laps and purred up a storm, and we just fell in love.

The adoption center didn't see any problem with us as cat owners, as expected. We had to sign an adoption contract saying that we'd take care of the cats for life, would keep them indoors, and would never declaw them - I was pleased and a bit surprised at the restrictions they had. I rather like that shelter.

So. We have kitties now! We took a nap after we got everything set up (well, Sora did; I read a book) and Morpheus just curled up with us and slept. I think they like their new home, and we're glad we finally have kitties - we've been anticipating them for over a year now.
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