Darth Paradox (darthparadox) wrote,
Darth Paradox


I'm considering starting a play-by-email Diplomacy game. I'd be moderating, not playing, and keeping maps and history and such on my server.

I'm also quite happy to teach the rules to anyone who wants to play but hasn't before.

I want players who are actually willing to stick to the game; last time I tried this, half the players just kinda stopped responding after a few turns. I'd want to aim for turns at least once a week, though ideally we'd get through them as quickly as people were willing to submit orders. Some turns are more complex than others, due to retreats, build orders, or even just complexity in the resolution, and I want to be flexible with people going out of town or being busy or whatever, so I don't think I'll be fixing a schedule with deadlines and such.

Anybody interested? Comment here or email me at my username at gmail. Feel free to indicate a preference in country to play as well, though I haven't decided yet how I'll distribute the countries - random is as likely as anything else.
Tags: diplomacy, gaming
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