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Puzzle Hunt A

The Puzzle Hunt was this past weekend. I think it went very well. 12 teams finished - the most ever in a hunt. We might have made it a bit too easy, as the top three teams finished within 16 minutes of each other, just after midnight. But as a result, it was a highly exciting hunt, with the top four teams battling for first place, and occasionally being in a four-way tie.

Hopefully the portions of the hunt that don't rely on copyrighted images will be posted online at some point. At the very least, I can present the three puzzles I designed:

Bermuda Triangle
Minoan Ruins

I'll post the solutions later. (I've got handy HTML answer pages, but the real awesomeness is in the Powerpoint slides I assembled (with help from a teammate).) If you want to "submit" an answer to me, or just want a hint, email me at my LJ name at gmail and I'll respond relatively promptly. (After all, I was doing that all weekend - I've gotten pretty good at it. Just don't mind me if I sign my email as "PHA".)

Notable puzzles (not designed by me) include Shipwreck, the second part of which required that teams dive into a pool to retrieve acrylic rings on the bottom and assemble them into signal flags; Call of the Past, a set of foam tiles with holes in them that had to be arranged a certain way (based on the answers to other puzzles) such that, when quinoa was poured into it, it revealed a message; and Global Cartography, a puzzle based around Microsoft Virtual Earth, which actually required the designers to fly over the Microsoft campus for four hours taking aerial photographs at the utterly absurd resolution of 3 cm/pixel. That last one really impressed the audience - it was presented to thunderous applause.

Anyway! I'm finally recovered from the sleep deprivation over the weekend, but Sora's horribly sick. She's slept for most of the day, though, so hopefully another night's sleep will see her well again.

And now that Puzzle Hunt is over, I can start on my next project. More on that later.
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