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Fanart Project: 18 - Black

This picture is by request of miang. I think I'm getting something in the mail in exchange for it, but I forget what it is. It'll be a surprise!

Yuber is a Black Knight from Suikodens I through III. He bears the Hachifusa Rune, one of the twenty-seven True Runes. ("Hachifusa" is generally either translated as "Eight-Demon" or "Eightfold".) As far as the people I've asked about it (and apparently, the Internet) know, the Hachifusa Rune has not been depicted in the games (or anywhere else), and so I decided to come up with a design for it myself (rather than having to come up with an Actual Background for the picture).

miang, the lineart will be in the mail this week, I think. I'm gonna write DO NOT BEND all over it and try to protect it with cardboard, so hopefully it'll show up intact.

The full chart and list of fanarts can be found here, and my fanart project gallery is here.

ETA: Two in three days? The hell? Don't worry, it'll go back to being slow now.
Tags: art, fanart
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