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PAX costumes

PAX was awesome. Hanging out with friends, playing games, drinking, doing puzzles... and costuming! Here are our Saturday costumes, which I spent basically all of my free time on since the Saturday before the con:

Left to right: shardavarius, me, nightsinger, xaandria, seorin, and iris_of_ether. We're Lemmings! I sewed all the robes (and made the wigs out of two smaller wigs each), Jeremy made the pickaxe, and Jamie made the number that Sora is wearing. Jeremy is wearing the red builder's backpack, but it's not apparent here.

And my Sunday costume, made for last year's PAX:

I carry the blessed, rustproof +2 Excalibur and a blessed +3 shield of reflection. Not quite ascension-quality gear, yet, but as a Nethack character I'm expected to die several times before I manage it.

Other than the costumes, we spent most of our at-the-main-hall time on Saturday doing the Guild Wars challenge quest (lots of fun, and ultimately, prizes for our trouble!). Friday night was an utterly fantastic dinner and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, followed by a game of Rum and Pirates at Nick and Carrie's place. Saturday evening was a small room party at our hotel room, with a game called Alhambra (which I'd like to play again with less players and less alcohol, sometime). Sunday was a short day - a bit more exhibition hall, picking out prizes, and a trip back home, after which we played our Sunday Mage game. All in all, a very fun weekend, to which the con was mostly a backdrop as we enjoyed the company of friends.

ETA: Sora put together a gallery of pictures of our costumes from across the Internet. We were photographed quite a bit!
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