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San Diego! And other stuff.

Sora has a rundown of most of the convention here. Some extra notes and highlights:

* Got to see a bunch of my cartoonist friends again, and meet some new ones! I'd met Rob Balder, Howard Tayler, Meredith Gran, Pete Abrams, and Chris Impink before. Finally got to meet Aeire (after knowing her on LJ for a few years now), as well as a few other Keenspotters, most of the Blank Label group (including Paul Taylor (gah, I typed that as "Tayler"), who took a picture of Sora and me in pirate costumes), and Jennie Breeden, who was sharing a booth with Rob, Pete, and Chris.
* Got to talk shop with Rob. He's got some really exciting stuff planned for the future. Stuff which it is entirely his prerogative to reveal.... but I came out of the weekend with my inspiration for my own projects redoubled, not just due to him, but also the entire creative atmosphere of the convention and the webcartoonists (or, as Howard puts it, "cartoonists whose medium of delivery happens to be the web") there.
* All three of the main-track webcomics panels were filled to capacity and had to shut people out. I learned at the third one, being the only one that I managed to get into, that this was because they held them in the workshop room with rows of tables instead of just chairs. Nice work, Comic-Con. They weren't draw-along sessions.
* Sora says I need to scan the picture I drew of her. I'll do that sometime. I like how it turned out, though.
* Acquired a huge stack of comic collections. Probably two feet high, stacked in a single pile. Carrying that home was fun... luckily, Dark Horse was kind enough to be giving out free, large bags that we used for the rest of the weekend.
* OMG giant Lego Batman.
* Got to see my friends Rachel and Annick for the first time since I left Michigan. That made a great con even better.

Um, I'm sure there's more I've missed. Like most of the panels I went to. We got to see Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen and Forrest Ackerman reminisce about the last 60 or 70 years. Saw part of the Simpsons panel discussing (among other things) the new movie. (It's nifty that it's finally happening - I've been hearing about it since I was in middle school.) Saw a Henson Co. panel nominally about the sequel they're making to Dark Crystal, but I think my favorite part of that was the Muppet Improv clip they had. So very, very funny - I'm consistently amazed at the emotion and character that they can bring to theoretically inanimate objects.

The air travel sucked (delays on both ends, including one on the way there that prevented us from getting to Preview Night in time to pick up our badges, necessitating waking up at 6:30 the next morning to get in the prereg line), but at least the flights themselves were more comfortable than the last ones we took to Baltimore. (If you are any larger than a midget, you're likely to find an AirTran flight cramped. Budget airlines - you get what you pay for.) But all in all, the weekend was fantastic.

In other news: in the last four days, I've injured myself twice playing two separate sports. The swelling in the jammed thumb from dodgeball has starting to go down, though the interior bruising is still visible. The scraped knee from ultimate frisbee (diving for a frisbee on artificial turf == teh ow) has pretty much stopped bleeding, and I was able to go without covering the entire area in gauze today like I have been for the past few days.

Saturday we saw Pirates of Penzance, performed by the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan Society. It was the single funniest stage production I have ever seen. Particularly Maj. Gen. Stanley... the actor brought an amazing amount of energy to the role, and sang an extra verse of "I am the very model" with some Seattle-specific jokes. So very much fun... it was even worth spending an hour trying to find a way to get from my apartment to the Seattle Center. Apparently Seafair was in the way. Cripes.

Sunday was the Amazon company picnic. I couldn't play broomball due to the aforementioned injuries, but I played some volleyball, and Sora and I ate some remarkably good (for being mass-produced) food, played some disc golf, some bingo, some horseshoes, and just in general wandered around and had fun. Which I really needed, after a week of being on call.

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