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silly meme, but I got tagged

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Barbecue sauce Mmm. I don't go so far to use it on cereal as some have claimed, but it's likely to find its way onto most meat-based foods I eat.
Literary: Books. No, really. I'm addicted to acquiring books. I buy books about twice as fast as I read them - it's a wonder I'm not further behind. I need a 12-step program or something.
Audiovisual: Clash of the Titans It sets off my nostalgia reflex, despite being laughably bad nowadays. Sadly, a dentist appt. caused me to miss a chance to get it signed by Harryhausen.
Musical: The 70's Really. Pretty much the entire decade. Yes, that includes selected disco songs.
Celebrity: Keira Knightley? I don't really go in for the whole OMG CELEBRITY thing. But she's hot, so sure?

Now I tag:

nightsinger xaandria shardavarius daggart and anyone else that wants to, I guess. Not that I'm holding the tagged people to it anyway.

Meme form at this page, though you can just fill out the HTML yourself, I guess. I hacked their generated code up because it sucked.
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