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Things We Did This Weekend

It was an errands-and-chores type of weekend for Sora and me, but I think it was productive.

* Got up at 7:30 AM on Saturday to go to the Dept. of Licensing and get a WA license (finally!)
* Went shopping with xaandria and shardavarius. Jamie got an utterly hot little black dress, and Sora got some new shoes. I got a Cinnabon!
* Ordered a mattress for Sora's apartment. She got probably the comfiest one in the store, at about half the price of the rest of them.
* Got library cards at the SPL and wandered around the utterly amazing building for a bit. Will have to go back and wander the Spiral.
* Picked up Dark Knight Strikes Again and the Serenity comic at Zanadu.
* Picked up a bookshelf from another Amazonian who was moving out. (After an abortive attempt to do so involving an apartment directory that only went up to L, and me forgetting the guy's name anyway.)
* Went to Fry's, picked up a replacement power supply for my desktop, as well as CivIII (to be played on the new desktop when I get it working) and Suikoden V for Sora (which she's been playing a bit so far - it's shiny).
* Stopped at the liquor store on our way home to replenish supplies (and pick up the necessary supplies for an experimental drink by the name of a "Ceilidh Bitchmaker".

That was Saturday. That was our running-around day... We decided Sunday should be a stay-in day. So, Sunday:

* Watched the Wings' defense blow a one-goal lead (and the refs blow a few crucial calls) to tie the playoff series at 1-1, heading to Edmonton for game 3.
* Cleared room for the bookshelf, assembled it, and loaded a few books into it. (I'll do more on it later.)
* A few loads of laundry, and dishes.
* Rearranged my liquor cabinet to accomodate a new layout. This involved pulling everything out and rearranging the shelves.
* Installed the new power supply in my computer, discovered I had forgotten the administrator password on my desktop, and set about a long, arduous, not-yet-completed process to reset it:
* Downloaded and burned a Knoppix CD.
* Booted to Knoppix on my desktop, mounted my existing filesystem.
* Tarzipped my Scatterplot files and YouSendIt-ed them to myself (cause they're the files I'll really hate to lose - I need them for the book project).

I'm still doing the YouSendIt thing, cause the 2002.tar.gz file is around 80 MB. 2001 will be quick, though, and then I'll be able to remount the NTFS filesystem as r/w and try to hack the password file. Luckily, Windows security sucks, especially if you have physical access to the box. Maybe that can wait until morning, though.

Good, productive weekend. I like those.

ETA: Finished the YouSendIt transfers, reset the password without incident, and booted into Windows. Victory is mine.
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