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Today was interesting. Being the first game of the Detroit Red Wings' playoff season, I wore my jersey (as well as a Wings t-shirt underneath). Our first round is against the Edmonton Oilers.

Also, today I was in the interview loop for a candidate from the University of Alberta. In Edmonton. So, that was highly amusing.

Further, in the elevator at Sora's apartment building, I met an Avalanche fan...

Also! Sora showed me a new restaurant she found. Genuine (or as close to possible on the West Coast) Philly cheesesteaks. It was so very good. Mmmm.

And then I came home to find that the Wings had won, but it took them two overtimes and a pair of goals by Kirk Maltby to do it. Since I'd left work when they were down 2-1, this made me exceedingly happy, though I really wish I'd seen the game.

Game 2 is on Sunday! Go Wings!
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