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So. Sora and I are headed up to Vancouver on Saturday night (after (hopefully, depending on weather) helping xaandria empty out, paint, and reassemble her bedroom). We'll be staying the night there Saturday, basically wandering around the city (or finding something to do, we'll see) on Sunday afternoon, and going to the Canucks-Wings game on Sunday evening, before driving back to Seattle right after the game (and spending a rather late night on the road, as it happens).

So! My request to you, my friends list, is twofold.

1) Who wants to hang out/do stuff on Sunday? I know of one of you that's definitely living in the Vancouver area, but I don't know where many of you live.

2) Who has ideas for stuff to do in Vancouver? Museums, activities, whatever - basically, good ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Also, go Wings! They're one point behind the league lead right now, but they've played one less game, and a game is more often than not worth two points to them. (Two for a win, zero for a loss, and one for an overtime/shootout loss...) With Vancouver in the scrap for the last few playoff spots in the Western division (they're currently ranked 7th out of 15, and 8 teams go to the playoffs), this game could set the tone for a first- (or even second-) round playoff series between the Wings and Canucks. (It's also likely my last chance to ever see Steve Yzerman play. I'm not about to miss that.)

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