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Warning: "liberal" viewpoints ahead.

(...When did "conservative" stop including "concerned with personal freedom from the restrictions of government"?)

So, South Dakota has banned all abortions except those needed to protect the life (not health, just life) of the mother. No exceptions for rape or incest.

Further, a Democratic proposal to reduce abortions by preventing unwanted pregnancies with a combination of sexual education and availability of contraceptives is being ignored and effectively blocked by the Republican congressional leadership.

As cmpriest points out in this post (warning: use of "fuck"), this is not about a desire to actually reduce abortions, but rather to force their narrow-minded view of sexuality and patriarchal control of that sexuality on the rest of the nation. It's no less than religious bigotry against those who don't share their view on the subject.

Now, I feel I should make this clear, here: I have Christian friends. Lots of them, ranging from effectively lapsed "just-raised-Christian" friends, to those with a deep and devout belief. And I respect their beliefs, and I have seen some wonderful expression of that belief. But part of that respect is the fact that none of my friends, Christian or otherwise, have tried to force their beliefs - and obeyance to whatever commandments they hold as the heart of their own beliefs - on me.

Not so, with these asshats. And as far as I'm concerned, they're giving the rest of Christianity - and organized religion - a bad name.

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