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Art, games, and puzzles. (What is Darth's creative output for the next several months, Alex?)

* Scatterplot's second-to-last comic has been posted. Friday's comic - the fourth and final part of the epilogue - will complete the series.

* I'm still taking fandom/character suggestions. I'll post later on with the list I've accumulated, but I'm up to just over 30 distinct fandoms (and probably well over a hundred characters) at this point. I've replied to a few of you, but I've added all the suggestions to the list, save for the ones relating to things I haven't seen/read/whatever and don't have specific plans to at some point.

* Friday's gaming night was awesome. I got to meet Carrie (iris_of_ether) and Nico (seorin), who are exceedingly nifty people, and their friend Nick, of whose LJ name I'm not sure, even though Sora wrote it down at some point. I got to do a brief playtest of one of my game ideas on Friday, with the help of Sora, Carrie, and Nico. We didn't play long - just enough to determine which ideas had a chance of working and which ideas were problematic and needed to be discarded immediately before I even started formalizing specific rules. I also acquired the Apples to Apples party box, and we got a rousing couple of games of that in - much fun indeed.

* I forget whether I've mentioned this here, but I'm helping design the next Microsoft Puzzle Hunt. I'm sworn to secrecy on the details, but I've gotten two of my puzzles playtested over the last two meetings, and they were well-received. This makes me all kinds of happy.

* Poker tonight. As of last Wednesday, I'm 4th in the league this month, but this is the first tournament I've been to since then, so we'll see what I can do to stay in the top 10 (and get extra chips in the monthly tournament). I believe tonight's the last tournament to get points for the monthly (which is a week from tomorrow)...

* Finally, a conversation with Sora last night led to an idea for an LJ meme. I just need to decide whether to turn to the dark side and post it....
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