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Character suggestions for 100-fanart challenge

So, as I mentioned in this entry, I'm setting myself a challenge - 100 pieces of fanart, on 100 (well, okay, 95) prompts, of 100 characters/groupings, from as many separate fandoms as possible. Naturally, I'd have trouble coming up with a complete list, so that's where all of you come in. Fandoms can be movies, anime, tv shows, comics, webcomics, video games, books... pretty much anything, though I'll have to restrict it to things I've seen/read/played. I realize that none of you know exactly what that list is, but feel free to make suggestions anyway, and I'll let you know if there's anything that I can't actually do.

It would be nifty to actually have 100 different fandoms, but I don't consider it a requirement.

Anyway, this is the suggestion post! Suggestions should include fandom and character/group. You can suggest a prompt if you like, but (as with all suggestions) I reserve the right to decide to do something else instead.

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