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Notes from a Monday morning

So, today's my first day of primary on-call for my team at work. Meaning I get to drop everything and handle the team's incoming operational issues for a couple weeks. This should be interesting.

I had a dream last night, vivid enough that I woke up disoriented and have felt a little bit odd all day. It started with a party at a house somewhere, watching fireworks. Only the fireworks were nuclear, and being shot out of a catapult. Something went wrong, and a mushroom cloud bloomed above the buildings in the distance, and I decided that going into the basement was a good idea. And then I somehow ended up in a forest, or possibly overgrown ruins, running around someone who my brain identified as Ed from Cowboy Bebop, despite the fact that she seemed to be at least a teenager, and capable of conversing somewhat normally. I don't know where the hell that came from, but I've felt odd all morning.

Incidentally, a brief part of the dream - something about a mailing address - has left me with the seed of an idea for a short story. I'll have to think about this one for a bit.

Finally, a link for all you HP fanboys/fangirls, from filkertom. caladan_dd is the most impressive HP fanartist I've ever seen, with a fresh take on the characters very often deviating from the movie versions entirely. As an example, here's a page full of character sketches. The little nicknames scrawled next to each one amused the hell out of me.
Tags: amazon, dreams, harry potter

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