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So one thing I've realized is that there are a bunch of errors in Scatterplot. A few spelling errors, several continuity errors. That sort of thing. I've been contemplating using OhNoRobot's transcription/search engine service as a way of not only transcribing Scatterplot for searching, but allowing for user submission of typos and continuity problems with an [[ERROR]] tag or something like that. By "continuity problems" I mean things like the blood vanishing and reappearing from Steve's shirt, people's hands suddenly becoming unhandcuffed, that sort of thing. Inconsistencies in the story. Typos, well, they're obvious.

Anyway, I'd like to be able to clear up all these errors before I try to print Scatterplot. So:

Poll #652961 Scatterplot Proofreading and Error Checking

Would you be willing to help proofread Scatterplot to prepare it for publication?

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