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So again, I know I haven't been good about updating with excerpts from the novel. I'll do an update tonight.

Yesterday was a highly fruitful day, though, as Sundays tend to be. I started the day at 27414, and ended at 32453. For a total of 5039 words, indeed my best day to date. However, yesterday's minimum goal was 33333. So I still have a deficit of 880 words to make up. Luckily, spread over the remaining 10 days, that's 88 extra words a day, or 1755 words a day from here on out. I can do that. I know I can do that.

Tonight, I'm actually starting on the writing before 10 PM. I expect I'll manage no fewer than 2500 words tonight.

And I will post my progress tonight on darthowrimo, and an excerpt on this journal, as usual.

In other news, today I was able to eat General Tso's Chicken from Uwajimaya. I declare the mouth healing to be proceeding satisfactorily.

So: on to the noveling!
Tags: nanowrimo, surgery, writing

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