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So, Friday morning I had my wisdom teeth out. All four of them. I spent most of Friday and Saturday just relaxing, taking the occasional ibuprofen and Vicodin (which did exactly what it was supposed to - make the pain go away without, in fact, making me high as a kite), drinking protein shakes, and generally being pampered by Sora, who'd graciously agreed to take on the task of getting me home after the surgery and keeping an eye on me. Luckily, I didn't need too much actual looking after, but I'm still quite glad she was here.

Now, two days after the surgery, my cheeks are a bit swollen and I'm not back to regular eating yet, but I'm pretty much functional in general. So now I turn my attention to another problem: NaNoWriMo.

My current word count is about 27000. Today's minimum goal is 33333, and the 2k/day goal is 40000.

I've had good days before, but this will need to be my best.

Let's do this.
Tags: nanowrimo, surgery, writing

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