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Some brief notes:

* Behind on my novel - at about 6400 words. Don't have the current file with me. I'll post wordcount/excerpt tonight.

* Jeopardy audition: VICTORY. I passed the test, did well in the mock show, and am now in their files for the next year. Passing the test was the only prerequisite for being in their files, but the likelihood of my getting called up is dependent on my performance in the mock game. I spoke clearly, got answers right, never buzzed in before the clue finished, and had some interesting things to say in my bio. I'm confident.

* Tonight is National Drunken Writing Night, or NaDruWriNi. I plan to observe with another NaNo-ing friend of mine. Luckily, she lives nearby, so we won't have to manage transportation while wasted.

* I need to clean this place up. Sigh. After I eat.
Tags: jeopardy, nanowrimo, writing

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