Darth Paradox (darthparadox) wrote,
Darth Paradox


My thanksgiving weekend r0XX0r3d.
Thursday was cleaning, eh... but Friday was the FEAST. We had around 28 people at our house - including several cousins of mine. We had lots of fun - video games, card games, and lots and lots of FOOD!
Saturday, I went to Windsor to visit Jenn (Mudgirl), along with Nick (Folken), John, Ian, and Vivek(Hokie). DDR was had - pictures as warranted. Jenn and Nick are a cute couple indeed... as are Vivek and aki^-1, though he won't admit it.
Heh. I picked up Vivek in Novi, and proceeded to try to cross the border with him, practice weaponry, and Dance Dance Revolution pads.
We were so searched. Vivek had no proof of citizenship, so the Canadians told him they wouldn't let him in... next time. The way out was long, but no problems. Just waiting.
New comic's up. Check it.

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