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Holy crap! Chris gets social

This weekend was interesting, and a little strange.

Friday after work, I bussed up to Redmond to meet up with other people doing NaNoWriMo. (the Seattle group is named the Hydrophobic Ducks. There's a story behind it, but I'm not going to get into that right now.) They were a pretty nifty group of people. One of them - one of the group leaders, I suppose - is assembling a stack of "plot ninja" cards, each one with a suggestion (from someone else in the group) that she has to incorporate into her story. I added some interesting ideas. *cackles*

After a brief stop at the costume shop across the street - investigating the possibility of just buying a Jesus robe - I went home, catching a ride with another guy from the group. People are nice.

Saturday, I got a call from Shoshana asking if I was interested in seeing Mirrormask. She picked me up, and we met her friend/coworker Ryan at the theatre. Mirrormask was an absolutely gorgeous movie - the comparison that keeps coming up in my mind is to Labyrinth, and the way that movie would have looked if it were made today, plus Dave McKean's own stylistic twist. Maybe it has something to do with Jim Henson's studio.

Afterwards, Ryan, Shoshana and I went to a cafe, and we were about to head our separate ways when Ryan mentioned a gaming party he was going to, and offered to take me along. I agreed - yay, sudden gaming! - and away we went, to a huge house somewhere on the Eastside. There were probably around 20 people there, and a huge collection of games. I played several new games, with several people... my favorite, though, was probably Zendo. It's a game played with Icehouse pieces. The "Master" comes up with a rule that each "koan" (an arrangement of pyramids) must obey. The Master provides two exemplars - a koan that satisfies the rule, and therefore has the Buddha nature, marked with a white stone, and a koan that does not have the Buddha nature, marked with a black stone. The "students" then take turns constructing koans and either asking the Master to grade them (with white or black stones), or opening it up for guessing, where all students try to determine whether the koan has the Buddha nature, and those who are correct get a "guessing stone", which may be turned in for guesses as to what the rule is. The first person to correctly guess the Master's rule becomes the new Master, and play continues...

Anyway, that went well into the night. I got home late, but I managed to get Scatterplot done the next afternoon. (Still struggling to get ahead, I am.) At 6, I headed off to a sandwich shop a few blocks north of my place, to meet up with some of the Capitol Hill NaNoWriMo writers. Waited around for a while, had a pretty cool french-dip-style sandwich, and chatted online. (Yay wifi!) The original suggester of the location slept through it, apparently, and someone else was sick, but someone named Carolyn showed up around 8. She couldn't stay long, but we hit it off instantly, and we've been IMing each other on and off since then. We're going out to my favorite pub on Wednesday to see about having write-ins there - should be cool.

So, new friends, writing, and games. It was a good weekend. Work's going to be tense for the next few weeks, though - I'll need that new niftiness in my life to balance me out here.
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