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Normally it would be odd for me to be up this late, but on-call fucked over my sleep schedule anyway

Well, I couldn't sleep, so I read some more Bone. (I'm past the halfway point, I think. It's really good.) Then I still couldn't get to sleep. So I got up, drank some water with valerian root, and booked my flight home for Christmas.

Turns out I got a slightly better price and better flight times if I stayed an extra day. I have no qualm with that. So I'll have nearly a week at home with the family, most of it after Christmas.

Also, there are potential plans in the works for a visit to the East Coast next year. I won't say more right now, but there are potential plans.

(Other notes from recently: I'm not on-call at Amazon anymore. Yay! Until Thanksgiving. Also, my family is awesome. They had a cake delivered to me on Sunday. I have to remember to bring it in to work tomorrow, because it's just too much cake for one man.)

And now, I try the sleep thing again.
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