Darth Paradox (darthparadox) wrote,
Darth Paradox

Conversation from a couple days ago...

[21:02] Tammish> Second, silly Quasispace, logic has no place in manufactured outrage.
[21:02] Quasispace> You offend my Honor! I challenge you to a Duel!
[21:03] Tammish> Humorously phallic vegetables at dawn!
[21:04] Ian[laptop]> Motorcycles at high noon!
[21:05] DarthParadox> Carnivorous hamsters at teatime!
[21:07] DarthParadox> Carnivorous hamster duels would actually be pretty interesting.
[21:08] Quasispace> as melee or missile weapons?
[21:11] John> Whatever works!
[21:11] John> Personally, I'm fond of tying their hind legs together with string and using them for bolos.
[21:12] Quasispace> Hamster Flail?
[21:20] DarthParadox> I'm thinking each person gets a hamster. Fight proceeds.
[21:21] DarthParadox> You can throw your hamster at your opponent if you like, but if you miss, you're hamsterless.
[21:21] DarthParadox> Best option would probably be melee - plant the hamster on your opponent's jugular and let the magic happen
[21:21] John> Let's have a good clean fight here! No hamstering below the belt.
[21:24] * Quasispace unleashes Ninja Hamster upon his foe.
[21:30] * DarthParadox eats the hamster.

And then, John flexed his artistic muscle...

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