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Looks like I'm making up for last weekend. Not even 1 PM on Saturday and I've already got the second load of laundry going and working on dishes now. After that and lunch, I'll probably do Monday's Scatterplot, and then some unpacking. Tomorrow? More unpacking, some cleaning up, and maybe another Scatterplot. We'll see. But I'd like to get ahead on Scatterplot since I'll be at PAX next weekend. Though it's not the usual long-haul travel time for the convention, and I'll probably have time to work on it upon my return on Sunday, I'd rather not get into that habit again - or rather, I want to get out of it now. Anyone else going to PAX or CascadiaCon? I had another dream last night that was pretty cool at the time, but has left me feeling unfulfilled. Sigh. But it's a beautiful day and I'm getting stuff done, so I should be able to flush that right out of my system. (Also, updated my Charles icon with the better version of the splash image I drew a few months back.)
Tags: moving, scatterplot, seattle

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