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This weekend was simultaneously excellent and disappointing.

Saturday, I visited a coworker's house for a gaming party. One of my teammates and his wife showed up a couple hours in, too. We played Carcassone (excellent game), Citadels (it was alright, though I was left with a bad taste in my mouth because I got screwed four or five rounds in a row), Acquire (excellent game, an abstraction of a corporate world of stock holdings and mergers, very cleverly designed), and Kill Dr. Lucky (I hope you know this one - think of a prequel to Clue, where everyone's running around trying to, well, kill Dr. Lucky). Awesome day, though I spent nearly eight hours there.

Sunday, I worked on the comic (which is now up, after a failed update last night), then (after a frantic search for my keys) went to see "Skeleton Key" with Shoshana. I thought it was a pretty good movie - the second half was, in my opinion, far better than the first, and the twist was fun to predict. Afterwards, we wandered the University District in search of a decent bar before settling on a little Asian place and consuming ginger tofu and vegetables, punctuated by a random guy walking by and wrenching the cap off of the fire hydrant right in front of the restaurant. I tried to call 911, but my cell couldn't connect, so we got the restauranteurs to call, and then Shoshana (who'd gotten a better look at the guy than I did) and I gave a statement to the police. Before they got there, I tried to be clever and put the cap back on the hydrant without splashing myself too much... suffice to say I failed in both counts of that attempt.

So, fun weekend! Except that, well, I didn't get a whit of unpacking done. Shikata ga nai, I'll work on it next weekend.

Today at work was pretty cool, too, cause I actually got stuff done! Also, our team had its second volleyball game at lunch, and we handily defeated our opponents 15-8, 15-6 - including coming back from down 6-0 in the second game. Yes, 15 straight points (with some serve switches in between, admittedly). That felt damn good.

Then I got my ass beat in the Amazon chess ladder. Oh, well, it's been three years since I've played seriously at all... or maybe even just played at all. Maybe a couple games in there.

When I got back from that, and went back to work, I actually managed to get sufficient database permissions to test my code, and then have it reviewed and submit a build request. Tomorrow, or the next day, I should be able to put it into circulation. Yay productivity!

Also on Sunday, I wrote out the entire rest of the plot to Scatterplot's current arc, apart from its prologue (which is relatively straightforward). I'm excited, particularly because I know where everything's going, and I don't have to struggle to fit each strip into the overall plot anymore. I still haven't decided what I'm doing after this arc, but that can come later - I've got probably another couple months of comic here, still.

I was hoping to get the comic pencilled tonight, but instead I chatted on IRC and played online poker. Did decently for a while. Also, this is awesome. Listen to it. Seriously. That is all.
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