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So it appears that somewhere in the moving process, my previous computer (the soon-to-be-named Starbach) was damaged. In particular, it won't turn on, and after checking various cords and connections and such I've narrowed it down to two possibilities.

1) The power supply was damaged - some part was shaken loose or something. Probability: high.

2) The motherboard was damaged. Probability: low... but becomes high if 1) is removed as a possibility.

(Possibility 3 was going to be "faulty power button", but it makes the usual clicky noise, so I'm inclined to think it's okay.)

It's definitely a problem internal to the computer. I wish I had a spare power supply so I could test whether that's the problem before I actually buy it. On the other hand, I'm planning on causing the moving company to pay for the replacement (insured goods, etc...) so it wouldn't be as much of a problem. We'll see if they have specific requirements for how I handle it.

In other news, I got my desk set up and placed correctly. It was problematic, as the brackets holding the legs on are slightly broken, and so the legs fall off if there isn't the weight of the desk to keep them in place, and they fall off if the (rather heavy) desk is dragged instead of carefully carried (note: see previous issue). So that was an adventure, and I'm not planning on moving this thing again. For a while.

Anyway, that makes three major pieces of furniture in place - bed, futon, and computer desk. At this point, the majority of my task is unpacking boxes of stuff. Largely books, which really can't be put away until I have the bookshelves in place, etc so forth. And the bookshelves can't really be placed until the boxes are out of the way. So on we go, in a life-sized version of that game where you have to get the car out of the box by moving all the other cars around. Sigh.

On the other hand, I can do that at my leisure, because the place is at least livable now. Even if it is still hard to get around in places.

Tomorrow: More of the same, and some Scatterplotting, if I can find or procure paper (again). Otherwise, I get to draw it on the tablet again. Bleh.
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