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A short update, while I'm still within wifi range (downtown)

Thoughts from the move:

Holy shit, I have a lot of stuff.

...I've never even seen some of this stuff before. Huh.

I still love this place. Though I'll have to get rid of some of this stuff to make it livable.

They're going to have to haul the mattresses up the balcony to get them upstairs... yep.

...I have a lot of stuff.

All my stuff's moved in, but I still have a long way to go. Step one, however, will be setting up the bedroom so I can sleep in it tonight. All else can wait.

...Uh oh. All of the wireless networks here are secured. Guess I'd better get broadband set up.

Good thing Amazon has a for-sale email list... some of this stuff needs selling.

Now, here I am in the little plaza triangle thing southeast of Westlake Center. Thirty feet away, a couple Scientologists have set up a "free stress test" table. I'm wrestling between ignoring them completely and going over to heckle them.

...Wow. A guy next to me on the bench asked if I minded if he smoked. When I reacted a little apprehensively, he moved to a different bench to smoke... That's one of the most considerate smokers I've ever met, actually. Most of them don't give a shit whether they blow carcinogens in your face.

Lost my pager last night. On the phone with the transit system's lost and found... nope, no luck. I'll try again later, perhaps.

Well, back to unpacking... but at least my stuff's moved in!
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