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This weekend I went up to Vancouver to visit Erin (greenstorm) and see the fireworks show (biggest fireworks competition in the world - Saturday's very awesome and set-to-music display was performed by Sweden's national fireworks team, and the music was a combination of instrumental pieces written specifically for the competition and a medley of Abba tunes. Hee.

We also saw the Vancouver Pride Parade. It was quite long, but pretty cool in places. Vancouver's possibly the most gay-friendly city I've ever seen... though maybe that was just a result of it being Pride Week.

In between all that, we spent some time with Erin's friends, who are all pretty cool as well.

Today was also awesome. At lunchtime we had a Fishbowl. Fishbowls are an Amazon event wherein a musician (or group) or author comes and performs or reads for the Amazon employees. Today, we were visited by Nickel Creek. I am severely impressed with their music - it was a sort of Celtic/bluegrass fusion style (those of you who've heard them know what I'm talking about) and it seriously rocked.

One of my favorite parts about the Fishbowls is the intimate setting - it's not at all like a concert. I was watching the band perform from about ten feet away... it was fantastic.

Also today, I presented my design for my next project at work. I feel so productive - I had a document put together and everything.

Finally, I'm in the process of moving my stuff to my new place. Tomorrow the movers come! Yay.

Gotta catch the bus - bye.
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