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A short update

Once again, much love for <ul>.

  • Scatterplot #313 is up.

  • Today I put a deposit down for the apartment. It's mine! Yay! I'll have the boxes and such moved in next Wednesday or Thursday. After that, I'll be unpacking for a few months.

  • Broomball practice tomorrow. I seem to have been designated one of the team's primary strategists. We'll see how wise that is. We've got some good people on our team, though.

  • I started Angels and Demons today on the way home. Got about 40 pages in. The plot seems interesting, but the writing is pedestrian. He seems to think he's being clever, but the effect falls short. And then it's full of little nuggets about things like the fact that linguists have been trying unsuccessfully to make an ambigram out of "Illuminati" for years, but here it is! The fact that the author put it right into the book makes the conceit that nobody could figure it out very, very weak. And of course, as someone with a passing knowledge of the Illuminati mythos, the explanations seem dumbed-down (or just plain dumb, sometimes). But the plot seems interesting, so I'll stick with it for now.

  • Met another guy on IRC who works at Amazon (besides dacut, who has accepted the job but hasn't started yet). Interesting.

Anyway, I'm gonna try to script a few more Scatterplots and get to bed nice and early.
Tags: amazon, apartment, broomball, moving, scatterplot

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