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Man, what a day.

On my way out the door, I noticed HP6 had been delivered to me. 10:30 AM on release day, and I already had it. I love Amazon. (More on that later - I've finished the book.)

First stop: apartment. I was not impressed, and I'll be submitting my application for the other apartment tomorrow.

After that, I had some time to burn before the concert. I went to the Starbucks at the bottom of the apartment building and ordered a large hot chocolate, and continued reading Harry Potter (having started on the bus ride up). Then I walked into town, taking a few minutes to wander through the Seattle Public Library (it's a fantastic building, though I'm going to wait until I have a permanent address to get a card), and down to 1st Ave. My eventual destination was a restaurant where some Amazonians were rumored to be gathering before the concert, but I arrived more than three hours before the doors were to open, so I sat down on the Harbor Steps and read some more. I eventually met up with the Amazon people at the restaurant (nobody I knew, but pretty much everyone at Amazon is friendly, so) and eventually proceeded to the concert.

The line for the concert ran the entire length of the building, out the door, down another block, around a corner, and another block. But we all got in, and after milling about in the foyer (atrium? whatever you call the area right outside the actual theatre) for a bit and running into several coworkers and friends (including Colin and Ajit, teammates from last summer, and Miryam, Ajit's wife) before meeting up with a couple people from my current team and sitting with them.

The concert... well, it's late. I'll relate the concert tomorrow. As well as some (protected by an LJ-cut in a separate entry, I promise) thoughts on Book Six.
Tags: amazon, apartment, harry potter, moving, seattle

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