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Notes from a Friday

Well, today was not very productive in terms of the job that I get a paycheck for... but even so, it was good.

Meeting in the morning, after which I submitted my code changes for review and read up on some code I'm going to start work on next week. Then I went up to PacMed for the dodgeball game... I seem to be the best person on my team, which really isn't a good sign. I'm pretty happy with my performance, but our team got its ass kicked thrice. On the other hand, my back hurts like hell.

After that, and a brief stop at the PacMed barbecue, I went back to my building for a team meeting. I actually offered a new approach to a problem we were having, so I feel special. :D After the meeting, I went to see one of the apartments I've been considering. After getting lost (due to having the wrong address remembered), finding a phonebook and confirming the correct address, and walking a mile to recover my error, I arrived at the apartment.

I saw a 800-some square foot "townhome", which around here means an apartment with a loft-style second floor overlooking the first. It's about as perfect as I could hope for. (A little more floor space might be nice, but I'm willing to trade that for the 16-foot ceiling that the main part of the apartment has. I absolutely love wide open spaces, and this is perfect.

It also has a deck on my same floor (since I'd be on the 6th floor) - a rooftop deck with some barbecues and patio furniture, and wonderful views of the city. I'll be throwing a barbecue there for everyone once I get settled in here. Apartmentwarming party, anyone?

And the neighborhood is really nice too. It's on a treelined street within a couple blocks of the main part of Capitol Hill - for those of you familiar with Seattle, it's on Minor, a couple blocks south of Pike (and a couple blocks west of Broadway). It's two blocks from a really nifty art store, and within walking distance of downtown. (Though walking back uphill to my apartment won't always be cool... really, it's one of the risks I accepted moving to Seattle. I can deal.)

After that, I went back to the office to try to get another couple hours of work done. Didn't quite manage... but I got a bit done, and that was okay.

Tomorrow... I'm seeing an apartment at 11, but it's a formality, really. But I'll have another price to gauge things, and to use in negotiation with the manager at the apartment I want. (The woman who was showing me the apartment wasn't the manager, and she told me that I could probably bargain her boss down by $100/mo. "But don't tell her I told you that." Score.) I'll probably submit the application on Sunday, and I should know by Monday.

Then, I'll go to a restaurant and hang out with some Amazonians ahead of the 10th Anniversary Concert. Woooo! That'll end at 8, and beyond that? Might hang out downtown somewhere, might come back here and draw. Depends on what people are up to.

Sunday, I've got a broomball broom-making party and practice, ahead of the company picnic the following Sunday. Fun times! More reports on that later.

Also, I made the mistake of ordering HP6 from Amazon with Super Saver Shipping, so I probably won't have it until later this week. I was going to make some vague empty threat, but really? Just... please don't fuck it up for me. Please.
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