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Last night I had a dream that I actually remembered. Odd in itself... I remember hanging out with some girl (nobody that exists in real life, to my knowledge) and getting along really well, and it seemed she was interested in me, and then she left with some other guy and I didn't see her again. (I don't remember where we were, or where she went - the fact that she left was the only thing my brain got out of it. Though later on I think I remember "going back" and it was a restaurant/club of some sort.)

So I wandered around the city for a while - a city which my mind identified as Seattle, though I pretty clearly remember the city not actually looking like Seattle - until I remembered I'd left my backpack and my bike (I don't even own a bike.) at the restaurant/club/whatever. So I trudged back up the hill (I guess this is why I thought it was Seattle?) and ran into Shelly (dressed as a goth for some reason) and a group of friends. I don't remember whether she recognized/noticed me. (Thinking of it later on, I realized that particular scene (but not the earlier part) was reminiscient of clubbing with Shoshana and her friends - my mind probably just grabbed that as a convenient setting.)

That's about all I remember of the dream. I woke up feeling depressed and lonely, and though I knew that none of that had actually happened, I've been kind of down all day.

Odd what dreams can do.

In work-related news, I spent most of the afternoon in a database class. The rest of the time, I've been debugging simultaneously the code I wrote and the test I wrote to check the code. Errors were split roughly evenly between them. At about 5:50, I finally squashed the last bug (that I know of), relating apparently to my use of some of the company's base library classes. So tomorrow I get to have it reviewed, and then start testing the system as a whole. Of course, tomorrow is filled with meetings, presentations, and a couple hours off in the afternoon to go look at an apartment, so I doubt I'll get much farther than having it reviewed.

Saturday, I've got another apartment appointment in the morning, and then late afternoon, the concert! The concert will end around 7ish, so I'll probably do something interesting in the evening. Maybe another Geek Night? We'll see.

And by Sunday, I should have HP6. I'll probably read it that day. :D

Oh, and Scatterplot should be up in an hour or so.
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