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First couple days at work

So, I started work yesterday. Showed up at 8:30 AM (argh!) for orientation, which was largely stuff I'd seen last year. However, there was something new - the benefits discussion, seeing as how I'm permanent full-time and such. Anyway, not much to say about that, apart from yay health insurance.

At the end, we went down to get badged at the office. (I declined to ask the woman at the office if her official title was "badger".) While waiting for my badge, I met someone from my team. My manager is apparently out of the office this week. She's also not the manager I thought I had - apparently I'd been assigned to Developer Services, but not to a specific team until last week sometime. Anyway, I'm working on the Apollo team - Apollo being the company's system for managing the release of software to its servers. Looks like interesting work.

Evan (the guy from my team) and I walked down from PacMed to meet the rest of the Apollo team at a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Bac. It appears to be a chain of some sort - there are multiple Pho Bac restaurants in the area. I had some sort of barbecued chicken slices over rice noodles and greens. Mmm.

The rest of the day was spent getting me set up with my computers - logging in, setting my passwords, getting permissions for things and requesting office equipment. At the end of the day, I was at a point that it took me a week to reach last summer. Largely because they had my computer set up for me... though my existing experience in the matter helped.

After that, I got home and finished up today's Scatterplot. I was only a half hour late... and hey, that was still 8:30, my time. Watched some ROD and went to bed.

Today, I showed up right before the morning meeting - the team has a short meeting every morning to go over what people are doing that day. The tasks I assigned myself were primarly getting set up with Amazon's code base, and checking out the team's packages so that I could familiarize myself with them and be ready to actually work on them. I also attended the department's all-hands meeting and a presentation of some internal technology. By the end of the day, I'd relearned some of the tricky details from the code base management... tomorrow I should be ready to try building everything!

This is a lot of fun. Particularly because it isn't as frustrating as getting going was last time.
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