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Update from Seattle, and other stuff.

Saturday I woke up, worked on the comic for a while, made a short trip to the local grocery store, and bussed down to Pioneer Square to meet mcmartin and his friends Christina and Gregory on their way out of the Underground Tour. McMartin was in town for CRFH's BoardieCon (a gathering of the comic's online fandom). We walked over to the International District and ate at Fuji Sushi (mmm, first time I've been since last summer. As good as I remember.) I had a Fuji Bento meal containing chicken and salmon teriyaki, a couple california rolls, some shrimp and veggie tempura, several pieces of sashimi, and a piece each of salmon, tuna, and shrimp nigiri. Good, good stuff.

I also acquired a scanner at Office Depot prior to meeting for dinner. I got it home and tried it out, and it's pretty nice. It's a lot slimmer than my previous scanner, a lot faster, and runs entirely on USB power. (Yay, 2.0.) Also, it has a stand so that it can be placed and used on its side, thus reducing its desk footprint by quite a bit.

My ROD TV torrent finished overnight on Friday, so I got to watch a few episodes that night, too. I got to bed at a decent hour in preparation for waking up at 9 in an effort to get on a good schedule for work.

Upon waking on Sunday, I started the editing process for the comic as I waited for a phone call from McMartin regarding BoardieCon's whereabouts. (It's not what one would think of as a "con", unless you meant it to mean "conglomeration" or something. I nearly finished the comic when it was time for me to get going... I worked on it on the bus a bit - though image editing with a touchpad is a pain in the ass - and finished it while waiting at the SF Hall of Fame. There, I met up with McMartin, soleta, and annaonthemoon - I hadn't seen the latter two in a few years (2002 and 2003 respectively). Also, I was shortly thereafter introduced to ToxicFrog, another IRC acquaintance. We went over to the Center House food court for lunch (I had some excellent chicken teriyaki on rice and a salad), and then a group of us played laser tag in the arcade while others proceeded to Gameworks. I got my ass kicked in laser tag, primarily because I suck, but I had some issues with the logic that the game was using.

After that, we proceeded to Gameworks and got a group discount on two-hour game play cards. It was a pretty good deal, except that after you use a given card you can't use it again for a few minutes, which caused some problems in some game where I had to continue regularly due to lack of skill. (Curse you, Star Wars Arcade. Curse you and your idiotic Death Star II level, making me concentrate on shooting walls so I don't fly into them instead of shooting down the TIEs that are trying to kill me.) Also at Gameworks, I borrowed their wireless network and uploaded today's Scatterplot. I love my laptop.

Leaving Gameworks, the BoardieCon group and I parted ways - them back to their hotel (down by SeaTac), and me down the street for some food. I discovered that part of downtown Seattle actually has free public wireless access (instead of the "free" "public" wireless access I've been using so far). I contacted Shoshana (echo_eriol) about plans we'd been arranging earlier, and bussed up to her apartment to meet her prior to heading back downtown for clubbing. We went to a place called nocnoc. It was kinda cool, even if I just sat at a table the whole time. I wasn't really dressed for the crowd - usual attire there tends towards gothwear. I'm contemplating buying some better clothes (not like fishnet-shirt-and-leash clothes, but something better than a polo shirt and jeans) for the next time I go. Anyway, I met several of her friends there - overall some pretty nifty people.

After that, we were hungry, and so we went in search of a place open late the Sunday night before (well, technically the early morning of) a national holiday. Naturally, we headed to the University District, and found a late-night pizza place. It was decent pizza... above the convenience-store-buck-a-slice pizza, but below most major pizza chains. Then we went back to her place and watched an episode of Angel that she'd taped (those of you familiar with the continuity - it was the one where the insane slayer escaped from the asylum (look, Rachel (et al), I'm finally watching this show)), though she fell asleep about five minutes in. So I crashed at her place, and woke up this morning, watched that episode again (with her actually lucid for it) and a few episodes of the Twilight Zone (SciFi Channel had a marathon), including the famous episode with the camera that took pictures of the future. Then I came back here. Plans for the rest of the day include working on Wednesday's Scatterplot and possibly catching the fireworks show with the BoardieCon crowd.

So, the executive summary version: Dinner with McMartin et al, crashed BoardieCon, clubbing with Shoshana. Fun weekend.

Tomorrow: work. Orientation at 9 AM, and we go from there! I'll post about that tomorrow, I'm sure.
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