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I love this show.

Ahh, stolen wireless.

When I don't have an internet connection of my own, seeing an unsecured wireless network named "NETGEAR" with five bars of signal strength is a happy, happy thing.

So the packing finished up just before 1. It's so weird... all my stuff is in boxes. Except for the bags I packed. There are a few more steps here, as I mentioned... Thursday, the moving people come to load everything into the truck. The packers told me that that should take even less time than this did, and so I expect it to be done by noon. After that, I clean the apartment, take some pictures (just in case there are damage disputes), and hand off the keys (and such) to the apartment office.


I'm going to be a resident of Seattle in three days.

(Well, technically, three days and a few hours. Exactly three days from now, I'll be somewhere over Minnesota.)

Anyway. Still have things to do, so for the moment I'll just let my BitTorrents run on the stolen wireless. BWAHAHAHAHA. (It'll only take 29 more days to finish downloading FMA! (Christ.))
Tags: moving, seattle, wireless
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