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Yesterday was my family graduation/going-away party. It was a lot of fun... getting to see most of my extended family for what is likely to be the last time in at least six months, possibly longer.

Today, I was at the house organizing my room for several hours, and then I came home, inked, scanned, and edited tonight's Scatterplot, and then scanned and edited Wednesday's Scatterplot. I've got Friday's Scatterplot written, but I'm not sure I'll be able to pencil, ink, scan, and edit it in the next 24 hours - as my computer's getting packed on Tuesday, along with the rest of my apartment.

Which I'm still getting ready for. Stress level is running high here.

On the other hand... I've been working on SONG MEME EXTREEM 3 ULTRA. Look for it in the next few days... it'll give people something to occupy themselves with while I'm winging out to Seattle.
Tags: moving, scatterplot, seattle, song meme

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