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So, since I've been unable to come up with anything better, the laptop will indeed be henceforth known as Nescaflowne, and my current desktop (currently "Minerva", formerly "Jane") will be rechristened "Starbach" upon its revival in Seattle.

...Huh. Seattle. I hadn't even thought of that angle on it. This is perfect. Maybe I should go ahead and name my apartment "Maxwell House" - this is all synchronizing far too well to be wrong. (Actually, "Maxwell House" will probably be reserved for my next desktop.) And now I need to think of a name for my soon-to-be-acquired iPod. (Considering "Van Valdez". We'll see... I've never really liked the name "Hitme".)

In other news, going-away party at my house, tomorrow, 4 pm. Contact me if you need directions or an address or something.

In further news, the move-preparation effort is, well, coming along okay. It's basically divided into three parts...
The first part is preparation of my apartment. This is primarily an organization and separation job - I have to separate the stuff that's staying (in particular the stuff Shelly left) from the stuff that's coming with me to Seattle, and arrange to have the former dealt with. The latter, of course, will get packed by the movers on Tuesday.
The second part is preparation of all the crap that I've left at my parents' house for the past four years. This is a job of deciding what to keep and what to dispose of, transporting the "keep" stuff to the apartment, and disposing of the rest (with the possibility of leaving some behind for garage-saling).
The third part is packing for the actual trip out to Seattle. Since everything that the movers are taking will be unavailable until it is loaded into my new apartment sometime in late July, I have to pack (and take with me on the flight) everything I'll need until then. This is the primary reason for my acquisition of Nescaflowne. But this means I have to figure out (mainly) which clothing I'm taking, and actually pack it all in bags, make sure it all fits, etc. As well as picking out some books and such. Anyway, that's what I have ahead of me... parts one and three need to be complete before Tuesday morning; part two could be completed "on time" as late as Wednesday evening.

Also, I want to have three more Scatterplots done by Monday night. Current status of Scatterplots: Three scripted, one inked. To do: pencil two, ink two, color/letter three. Easy, right?
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