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So I'm working on scripting Scatterplot #300 right now. Nothing special about it, really, but wow - 300 comics. Granted, it's taken nearly four years to get there... Anyway, today's Scatterplot is up right now. Was playing with a different style of shading for the background, cause the gradients were getting a little boring, and I think I can maybe communicate moods more effectively this way. Particularly with these characters, when the only way to express mood is with the mouth and body posture... I don't really get to use the expressiveness of the eyes, which is where I'm strongest, I think. (I realized well after I'd been using these characters for a while - as well as the Man in the Bowler Hat - that if I'd been willing to stylize the characters a bit, I could have used other things to express the emotions usually seen in the eyes. In particular, applying the usual brow shapes to the brim of the Man's hat, and to the goggles that the soldiers wear... but then, realizing stuff like that most of the way into the comic just means I'll be able to do my next project more effectively...)

In other news, I had my apartment assessed today, by the moving company. They basically needed to know how much stuff I would have to move. Didn't take long.

That's... about it at the moment. Party tomorrow, woo! (Crap, gotta clean for that.)

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