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Despite me not getting much done, today was an excellent day! Particularly in the evening.

Watched the Pistons pull out a Game 7 victory over the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals... so they start the NBA Finals on Thursday. We're looking for a repeat championship here.

What a game that was! Pistons were doing very well after about the first four or five minutes of the first half, but a bizarre steal/3-pointer play by the Heat brought them within five, and turned the momentum around for the third quarter. In the fourth, the Pistons finally gained the lead back in the last three minutes, and held on to it for the win!

After watching the end of that game, I went over to Goodnight Gracie's, hoping to catch bluerain (David Craig Simpson, musician and creator of Ozy and Millie and I Drew This) performing at Open Mic Night. I arrived at 11, while he was in the middle of "Still Nina", and I also saw him perform "Hey Abandon", "Impression of You", "It's The End Of The World" by REM (he knew all the lyrics! Wow.), "Polly" by Nirvana, and a few more of his songs - though I can't remember them all. Afterwards, I introduced myself, and met orv, and listened to a few other open mic artists as David and I discussed music, comics, and everything in between. It was pretty cool, all told; hopefully I'll be able to catch the next couple open mic nights too. (I've been considering performing, but vocal is the only musical talent I'm at all proficient in at this point, so I dunno...) One of the open mic acts comprised two guys, one playing guitar and the other violin. That was incredible... the violin brought a wonderful dimension to the music. Whee.

Anyway... other than that, it's been a horribly unproductive day. I was hoping I could at least pencil Wednesday's Scatterplot, but it looks as though the whole thing will have to wait until tomorrow. Oh well. Good day anyway.

And now, the sleeping.

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