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Goals for this weekend

Goals for this weekend

  • Pencil/ink/edit Scatterplot #289

  • Pencil/ink/edit Scatterplot #290

  • Write/pencil/ink/edit Scatterplot #291

  • Errands run (bank, store)

  • Do yardwork for parents (yay, money)

  • See Star Wars with family (Sunday)

  • Maybe clean the apartment a little, so I can have people over this week?

Really, it's not much. I should be able to do this.

The important part, to me, is having a buffer of 2 come Monday. If I can pull that off, then I can likely have a buffer of 4 by the time I leave for a short roadtrip Thursday or Friday (Madison, here I come!) and not have to break myself getting the comic up when I return.

My five-comics-a-week plan that I had at the beginning of the month isn't happening, though, and I need to change that...
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