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Just so I don't forget it

So my dream started out - at least as I remember it - with me running from some people, for some reason. I suspect I'd done something wrong, I don't know. I shot a couple of them somehow, then ran into a restaurant and ducked into the bathroom. I decided that I needed to cut my ponytail off in order to disguise myself. However, in the process of cutting off my ponytail, I wake up from the dream to find myself actually (i.e. within the outer layer of dream, as opposed to the inner layer where all that shit happened) standing in front of my mirror at home, actually cutting my ponytail off. At that point, I started walking around town, and ran into my dad and my uncle, who lamented the loss of my long hair. I pointed out that in a few weeks, it'd be long enough for a small ponytail again.

Strange dream... I'm not sure I've ever had a recursive dream before.

Well, back to work.

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