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Scatterplot, etc

So, in the process of trying hard to catch up from my weekend at Genericon, I somehow managed to forget to upload today's Scatterplot when I finished it Monday night. It's up now... but that's the most delay I've had getting the strip up on time in the past month. I'm still pretty happy with the way things are going.

On the topic of catching up, I'm getting there. At least as far as schoolwork goes. Scatterplot buffer stands at 1 right now, and I won't be able to push it much farther until the weekend. Oh well.

Genericon report coming soon? Maybe. Long story short, the only stuff I did at the con was be on the webcomics panel and go to Rob Balder's filk concert/geek singalong, and visit the dealer's rooms and art show. Rest of the time was hanging out in the hotel room and around Troy. Impromptu room party on Saturday night was pretty cool, though - featuring Katamari Damacy and alcohol. Whee!

Maybe I'll say more about it later. But that's the highlights.

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